Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell

At a recent visit to Lori's Shoes on Armitage, I noticed the variety of Jeffrey Campbell shoes available. I could not decide which ones were my favorite, his shoes are AMAZING! His clunky, chunky wooden platforms are a short girls dream. His rustic boots are also very cool.

Loriesshoes.com had an even larger selection, and more clunky, chunky soles!! Here are a few of my favorites:
1. McClaren $120--my favorite!(reminds me of the Chloe oxfords from 2004)

2. Ninetynine $106

3. Phone $140 (so cool)
4. Mary Roks $120
5. Front $112

6. All Ruffle $216

7. Foxy Wood $116

8. Swansong $79 (on sale!)

9. Broom ST $130

10. Zipped $286

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