Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WWD on chicago

today the leading influencers in fashion touched on the street styles of chicago. WWD's article they are wearing: chicago, acknowledges the different street chic of uptown (gold coast) and downtown (wicker park and north) chicago. the gold coast, known for big names and multi-story department stores is home to a more refined elegance. it is not surprising to see women and men dressed in designer-wear from head to toe. classic dress coats, towering heels, and large sunglasses are commonly mixed in with the noticeable tourists in jeans and puffy down coats. north michigan avenue and oak street are home to a number of designers including ralph lauren, bottega veneta, chanel, louis vuitton, j. mendel, yves saint laurent, and the brand new barneys building (which is gorgeous and so fun to wander around in).

the northern neighborhoods of the city, like wicker park, definitely have a different vibe. with a variety of boutiques, vintage and antique stores, the streets are full of layers of unique clothing and accessories. the styles are usually more of a bohemian and urban mix. the area is more laid back, but also more edgy and styles can surprise you. my favorite vintage pieces have come from store b, located in wicker park. the north end of the city is great for vintage finds!

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