Monday, December 6, 2010

that's a wrap!

looking to make your holiday gifts stand out? anthropologie is selling handmade gift wrapping paper, fun vintage ribbons, and an assortment of gift tags! with their beautiful complimentary gift boxes, you can customize your holiday presents with these fun little notions! the handmade paper is $10 for a set of 3 large pieces. this may be expensive compared to the rolls and rolls of regular holiday paper, however; the paper is so pretty and you can always save it for your favorite friends... otherwise the velvet ribbons, pompoms, and metallic firework ribbon is an easy way to dress plain boxes up! I am using the ribbons to decorate my tree, which looks really cool. they also have vintage stamps and christmas cards to make your holiday fully anthro.

handmade gift paper

velvet ribbon

metallic ribbon

gift tag assortment

A fun little guy to hang from your gifts!

Vintage stamp set

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