Wednesday, December 8, 2010

style like u

what would a peek in your closet say about you? most likely it would say a whole lot. personal style is deeply engrained in our everyday lives, even if most of us don't realize it or put much thought into it (that also says something, which would probably be understood by looking in your closet). our personal style is one of the most expressive ways of showing someone who we are. is a special experience that visits the closets of inspiring people from all walks of life and around the world. individuality is an understatement if possible, when looking through the many different styles of their interviewees. the closets and everything in them are truly inspiring and manifest into wonderful editorials, personalized to represent each person's style and view. all editorials are complete with style stories. this site will make you think about the way you are showing yourself to the world through dress and give you inspiring stories and styles from some very interesting men and women. you are also able to write about your own style and express your view on fashion! features videos, photos, and a blog.
check it out! the videos are awesome.

here are some recently visited closets:

1. dotti- make-up artist

2. elfee duquette- actress, stylist, designer

3. tamara lowe: creative director, writer, film director

4. zelda kaplan: scion of nightlife

1. lindsay jones editorial

2. becca diamond editorial

3. "anastasia and snegurochka" editorial (starring ladyfag)

4. rachel tratchenburg editorial

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