Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Dressed

Vogue's Best Dressed list was released for this week, with a wide range of looks and styles. The list, appropriately titled Rule Breakers, included many styles that should have a label of "Be Careful"; however,  these style icons proved they know how to make things work. Here are some of my favorite looks on some of my personal style icons:

1. Carey Mulligan in Proenza Schouler dress and YSL shoes
This mustard-olive color looks beautiful with her skin tone and hair.

2. Sienna Miller in Topshop pants and sweater, Prada shoes and bag
The pants have the perfect balance of girly blush color and boyish fit. I am in love with the Prada shoes, they are so pretty and edgy at the same time!

7. Sarah Jessica Parker
The black booties and deep blue coat really compliment each other. The purple scarf pulls out the textures of the rich blue velour and bow-tied booties. This is an unexpected color combo done excellently. Plus, her hair is tucked under the scarf, which I always think is so relaxed chic.

9. Mary-Kate Olsen in Balenciaga shoes
Where do I start with this outfit? Ok, the fur! This black, horse-hair looking fur was used a lot in blazers and dresses for Mk and Ashley's Elizabeth and James collection. I love it on the shoulders of the jacket, it is such a dynamic statement! Her handbag is so sleek (it looks like vintage to me!) My great-grandmother had a handbag that I now have that resembles this one... I love it. This is such an exciting head-to-toe black look!

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