Sunday, July 10, 2011

Obsession #2

Right now, as I sit at home in America, the little treasures of Europe keep coming back to me. ALong with these is my number one obsession: Paris. I know it sounds so cliche and some people do not like Paris or the French, blah blah blah, but Paris is a place of dreams and complete allure. After seeing "Midnight in Paris," all I can think about is strolling along the Seine, exploring the streets, and sitting in the little straw chairs outside a cafe.

The movie was very Woody Allen, and not at the same time. The cast was quite a BIG mix that I would not have expected in a Woody Allen film, especially Owen Wilson. The music hit perfectly on Allen's style, but also how you look back at Paris thinking that music was playing. The costumes were fantastic and the reason I am writing this in the first place, my second obsession: 1920s fashion. Big surprise: I'm talking about clothes.

The era: 1920s/2010. The 2010 era: not so exciting in the costume department. The 20s was heaven. Well, my heaven. It has always been my favorite decade for fashion. Coco Chanel, willowy figures, slinky shift dresses, and the first time a woman's arms were shown in public. The hats, the sequins, the fringe were all there. I fell in love with the three dresses worn by the "lovely" Marion Cotillard. Her costumes grab your attention as much as her smoldering eyes. Well, maybe.

Outfit 1

(Full view)

Outfit 2

 Outfit 3

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