Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kate's Royal Restrictions

As the royal wedding is only months away, the details of Kate’s wedding attire have remained under wraps. However, this has not kept fashion journalists and industry leaders from buzzing about what she will wear, whom she will wear, or how her hair will look.

Many have taken a royal stance in speaking of the modesty of her dress and hair as she walks down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. It has been determined that her dress “must have sleeves,” and her hair must be cut in order to keep the “internet from uproar.”

Bruce Oldfield, the designer who created Diana’s wedding gown and rumored to be designing Kate’s, gave his opinion on the matter of modesty that Kate’s dress must uphold. He explained that the coverage must be modest, including sleeves and a veil. The dress must also suit the aisle of Westminster Abbey, which is quite large. This could mean a train similar to the grandeur of Diana’s.

The talk over Kate’s long hair has also been circulating in the fashion and beauty industries since the announcement of the engagement. Can the future Queen of England have long brown locks? Will she have to cut it short as Diana did, or will she and Prince William make another statement against the royal family’s unwritten rules?

Another point of discussion has been over the two wedding dresses that Kate is supposedly wearing on her wedding day. It is not clear whether they will be by the same designer. Perhaps the grandeur of the gown she will wear to Westminster Abbey will have a similar match that is easier to move in. This would be the first royal bride to wear two dresses on her wedding.

The final decisions will only be revealed to the world on the day the many have been waiting for years. You can be sure that Kate will look appropriately modest for her entrance into the royal family, but also show a bit of her own sparkle.

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