Thursday, January 20, 2011

Range Review

Today, French Connection had their spring/summer 2011 range review day for womenswear and menswear. Last night, I spent a quite a long time arranging the racks of menswear into packs and store grade for Rob's presentation. Rob, the stylists, and I had to transfer everything to the showroom (which was a lot of clothes) and set it up according to the French Connection line an FCUK line. I helped the stylists pulled some things for the mannequins and show outfits of the presentation! That was an absolute dream!

This is my sample outfit for range review:
Vanilla Fair dress

Scalloped embroidered hem

Babydoll fit

The presentations went really well for both mens and womenswear. The feedback from the UK retail managers was also really good for visual merchandising, marketing, and the collections. All stores are changing the style of visual merchandising to a more "boutique" look. If you check out the new lines in stores, they will be arranged in outfits, which makes the floor much more interested and gives customers different pairing ideas for each piece. It felt like a new shopping experience when I went in the store today. Very innovative!

After presentations were finished, there was a runway show with both collections for each of the season's packs. It ended lovely with "are you man?" and "are you woman?" on the underwear bottoms of the models... surprise!!!

This is the last week that FC and FCUK stores will be having the 75% of deals. Next week the stores will be revamped for spring. You can also find awesome discounts for winterwear at

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