Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Eyes Behind the Glasses

The dark glasses are intimidating... despite who is behind them. And who really is behind them? In this very famous case, it's Karl Lagerfeld. He is the man, the empire mind, behind the iconic French brand: Chanel. And for possibly the first time in decades (or ever), we see the eyes behind the sunglasses. His eyes have hardly been seen photographed, if only peeking out from under them to examine a garment before it takes off down the runway. Lagerfeld Confidential, a documentary examining three years of the designer's life at Chanel, is the only time you will likely ever see them.

Not that we haven't seen the occasional smile, 
but under the dark, tough exterior are two pairs of very kind eyes. 

Lagerfeld Confidential, 2007
Directed by Rodolphe Marconi

More Karl News: He is launching a fall 2011 line for Macy's!!!

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